Zimbabwe Media Commission living in the past

media_bill_boardIt appears everything about the Zimbabwe Media Commission is about the past. (Pictured: ZMC cant seem to get rid of the old)

Not only did it take over as its chief executive officer, Tafataona Mahoso, who was the chairman of the defunct Media Information Commission (MIC), but it is still using the same repressive media laws that were used by MIC to harass journalists and close down newspapers. It is also using old bill boards which were used by MIC. The Welcome to MIC bill board is still firmly in place as if to remind visitors to its offices that nothing has changed.

Mahosos contract is according to media reports a source of contention among the commissioners who are said to be sharply divided over his continued presence at the ZMC. It is understood that Mahoso has been given a three months contract, which will only be renewed if ZMC fails to get funding.

If the ZMC gets funding from treasury, sources say Mahoso will be shown the door to make way for a new boss.

At a recent press conference, ZMC chairman Godfrey Majonga refused to give details of Mahosos appointment saying they do not discuss employment contracts with the press.

He however explained that Mahoso had no power at all to make any decisions.

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