Army spies watch CIO, civil servants

HARARE - Government workers have expressed dissatisfaction at what they described as planting of the Army Special Intelligence Branch Operatives (SIB) among their ranks, to identify and blackmail civil servants loyal to MDC, The Zimbabwean has learnt.

SIB members were deployed to various government departments across the country, to blackmail civil servants aligned to MDC. Zanu (PF) is paranoid and suspect civil servants could derail plans by President Mugabe to manipulate outcome of crucial national events such as elections in his favor, said a top civil servant at Mukwati Buildings in Harare.

He said departments mainly affected were those of the Registrar General, District Administrator, Provincial Administrator and the Ministry of Information.

Interestingly, CIO was also under surveillance and SIB was also planted among the state spy agents. Mugabe feels the CIO has lost its venom and could have turned MDC. CIO Operatives are used to eliminate suspected MDC supporters to help Mugabe maintain his grip on power. This time around planting of SIB agents at government departments was massive, as Zanu (PF) fears that civil servants rejection of Mugabes leadership could hammer the final nail into the coffin of the octogenarian leaders political career, said the official.

However, he added that it would be difficult for less powerful partners in the inclusive government, to completely demilitarize institutions such as the recently commissioned Electoral Supervisory Commission.

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