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eliphas_mukonoweshuroMASVINGO - The long-awaited public service audit report will be out next week, Public Service Minister Professor Eliphas Mukonoweshuro (pictured) has announced.

Speaking in an interview in Masving at the weekend, Professor Mukonoweshuro admitted that there were a number of irregularities found by the experts who conducted the audit.

The coalition government in November last year embarked on the audit of the civil service to weed out ghost workers. The audit followed reports of tens of thousands of workers who were on the public service payroll, despite not doing anything.

“We have started compiling the outcome of the audit which is expected to be ready for public consumption in two weeks time. Yes, there are irregularities found during the exercise, but I can not at this time reveal the quantum which will be announced after the experts are done with the data compilation.

There were reports prior the audit that over 29 000 youth militia loyal to Zanu (PF) were still on the payroll and listed as civil servants. Youth Development Minister Savior Kasukuwere was quizzed in parliament over the matter and claimed most were youth officers, employed to work in the different wards around the country.

This was despite clear evidence that the youths were used during election time to harass, beat up and torture opposition activists. Receiving US$100 a month per head, the militia were draining US$3 million each month from the budget.

It also emerged that other civil servants were receiving multiple salary payments. The revelations led to a freezing of payments to hundreds of civil servants while some had their contracts terminated.

An audit, started by Public Service Commission Inspector General, Clifford Matorera, exposed how some nurses, soldiers and other civil servants in the Youth, Foreign Affairs, Justice and Legal Affairs Ministries, were paid up to five salaries each month. Staff reporter

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