Chifunyise works celebrated

dependence_playRooftop Promotions says it is delighted that finally the countrys highest learning institution, the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), has decided to celebrate the work of acclaimed playwright and scholar Stephen Chifunyise who has written a lot of relevant plays and contributed to the growth of the arts and culture industry as a scholar, technocrat and pra

He has touched on everything from love to family relationships, African culture, politics, development, and more recently national healing and reconciliation and the constitution making process in a writing career spanning over 30 years, read a statement by Rooftop Promotions. Since most of Chifunyises works were produced by Rooftop Promotions, we saw it befitting to support this noble UZ Theatre Arts Department initiative by offering free performances of two Chifunyise plays, Waiting for Constitution and Heal the Wounds which are currently on a national tour to grassroots communities after acclaimed premieres at Theatre in the Park.

On top of that, we will deliver a talk on our experience with producing Chifunyises works since 1993 when we produced Two Angry Young Men performed by Daves Guzha and John Chinosiyani. His humility, commitment and writing approach touched us from then on and working with him over the years has made us appreciate his role in the theatre industry as a seasoned writer and his objectivity as well as extensive research on a theme before writing a play.

Tafadzwa Muzondo will also present a paper on performing a Chifunyise play from his involvement as a performer in NAMA 2010 Outstanding Theatre Production Heal the Wounds and assistant director in critically acclaimed Waiting for Constitution.

My relationship with Stephen Chifunyise has been more than just that of a writer and producer but that of a brotherhood and friendship. Indeed he has been giving to me the same guidance, advice and support he has given to theatre fans and the Zimbabwean society through his plays as well as the arts and culture fraternity through his involvement in various high profile portfolios in the industry nationally, regionally and globally, said Daves Guzha the founder and Producer of Rooftop Promotions.

Rooftop has produced up to 20 of Chifunyises scripts which include: Two Angry Young Men, Strange Bedfellows, Culturally correct, The Candidate, Waiters 1, Waiters 2, Waiters 3, Waiters 4, Waiters 5, Wedding Night, Intimate Affairs, Love at Cross Roads, Muramu, The two leaders I know, Dependency, Heal the Wounds, Waiting for Constitution.

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