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People should be aware of the level of intimidation in Bikita West, Ward five. This is being spearheaded by Ward Four and Ward five councillors Kenny Makuvaza and one Gwashira.

People are threatened not to talk during the constitution outreach meetings. A member of the army, British Makota moves around with a gun, and he is accompanied by other armed soldiers. They abduct and threaten people. But all these perpetrators should ask William Nhongonhema about what befell other Zanu (PF) thugs here. People here are beginning to use silent means- like witchcraft- to deal with these thugs. Zanu (PF) is putting the lives of its cadres in danger because people can simply evoke an avenging spirit against someone who killed their relative. – Anonymous

Thank you to all of you at The Zimbabwean for making noise about the constitution. You are indeed a voice for the voiceless. – Sam Matanhike, Cape Town

Zimbabweans should never forget the most topical issue in Zimbabwes constitution – the issue of the term of office for the president. If we do not address it, then the whole exercise of reform might as well be a waste of resources and time. The 2000 constitution draft was good except that it did not address that issue and that is why I voted no to it. If people are to accept any draft, then must NOT be silent on presidential terms of office. The maximum age for one to stand as president should be up to 70 years of age. I urge people to help themselves by spreading this message. Smses should fly all over the country. This is our only chance to redeem ourselves or we remain in fear. It is true that the process is not perfect but let us try to work for perfection within that framework because we are the ones who are supposed to engage in a struggle to straighten what is not right. – Anonymous

I think ZAs idea of five regions is okay, and on top of that, each province must rule itself and have its own parliament just like in the USA, after all we are using their currency. – SM PTA

The constitution outreach team is not equipped to reach out to the deaf and mute persons in the communities. Deaf Advocate

A Zanu (PF) youth, Paul Gwaze, also known as Guard, of Chidzvokorera Village Ward 4, Guruve is promising to behead all the perceived supporters of MDC who will contribute to the outreach teams. – Anonymous

The new constitution should be written with a section that allows refugees and all those in exile to vote from their foreign residencies. I personally wish to contest as a Member of Parliament in my Hurungwe West home. I hope this new constitution will make us realise our dreams as Zimbabweans . -Mhofu Yemukono S.A

Legal age of majority must be changed to 21. – Anonymous

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