Diamond Technology Centre in the pipeline

HARARE - An approximately US$13 million Diamond Technology Centre is being established in Harare to enable the country to manage its diamond resources profitably.

The centre is a brain child of Canadile Miners, which said it was doing it as a corporate social responsibility programme.

A representative of Canadile Miners,Claude Maredza, said his company would work with government in setting up the centre, which will see miners add value to their diamonds including marketing of the finished diamond products.

The centre was being constructed in Mount Hampden and phase one of the project was expected to be completed in six to 12 months time.

Phase one will see the establishment of the technology centre, which is the core business of the project. Phase two will involve establishment of amenities, which will include a hotel.

Maredza said similar centres were found in other countries such as Holland, Belgium, Israel, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Botswana. The centre will operate in accordance to international standards by tapping from the experience of major diamond players in the world.

It is estimated that Zimbabwe would produce as much as 1.1 million carats of diamonds this year and would fetch an average US$100 per carat. Diamond production was expected to more than double in two years’ time to around 2.4 million carats, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Meanwhile the Diamond Association of Zimbabwe (DAZ) said it will offer research and policy advice to government in order to develop the diamond industry.

According to Jacky Obey of Mavlon Trading (Pvt) Ltd, a company currently involved in diamond beneficiation, the diamond association, which was three years old, would give a single voice to all key stakeholders.

Association President Cosmos Kaseke revealed at an inaugural meeting recently that the association broadly sought to promote and support the beneficiation of precious stones in Zimbabwe.

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