Diasporans to have say on constitution

JOHANNEBSURG The MDC (Mutambara) in South Africa wants to present a united voice over the making of a new constitution on behalf of people living outside Zimbabwe.

The administration secretary for Arthur Mutambaras MDC said they represented Zimbabweans in South Africa in the political field and wanted to send peoples views to COPAC.

Ngqabutho Dube said they would be holding a meeting with the MDC (Tsvangirai), Zapu and the Matabeleland Freedom Party at the weekend to talk over the issue.

He said: We have agreed to meet with ten people from each party to deliberate on the final draft to be sent to Zimbabwe.

The purpose of the meeting, he said, was to put differences aside, act in common purpose and submit a strong argument on behalf of Zimbabweans in South Africa. They would decide on the documents needed to qualify to vote in a foreign land.

Dube said they wouldnt be submitting issues that affected people in Zimbabwe, as these would be submitted in Zimbabwe by the different parties.

One of the problems for Zimbabweans in South Africa was dual citizenship, he said. He added that some Zimbabweans were forced to go to stay in foreign countries and assumed the citizenship of those countries, but would also like to keep their Zimbabwean citizenship.

He also added that it was in the interests of Zimbabweans in foreign lands to have a vote, and said that it was yet to be decided at what level people living in the diaspora could vote, and who could and could not take part in elections.

COPAC Chair Douglas Mwonzora is on record as saying they would have loved to have been able to visit Zimbabweans based outside the country, but their budget did not allow it. He called on all interested parties to forward their submissions to COPAC for consideration.

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