Dube heads Mutasa terror campaign

zanu_war_vetsMUTASA Zanu (PF) war veterans and militia (Pictured) continue their terror campaign around the country, victimizing MDC supporters and barring them from constitution consultation meetings.

Last Saturday, villager Stephen Musumbu, was dragged away by war veterans from the consultation meeting at Murahwa School in Mutasa South after he had made a contribution during an outreach meeting that the Zanu (PF) militia did not like.

Pishai Muchauraya the MDC spokesperson for Manicaland Province confirmed the incident.

Musumbu had spoken on the need for title deeds on land and this must have angered the so-called war veterans. The people who attended the meeting rescued him but the police who were present did not take any action, Muchauraya said.

MDC activists in the area were then threatened with death by the overzealous war veterans and militia if they attend any constitution outreach meetings taking place in the area.

Zanu (PF) officials last week called for a meeting under the pretext of the Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (Copac), where they addressed people and openly threatened MDC supporters saying they would kill them if they speak during the outreach meetings.

They mentioned that MDC supporters were not allowed to attend these meetings and also that if they did, they were not expected to contribute anything otherwise they would face the wrath, said George Rutare, a member from the MDC.

It is understood the Zanu (PF) thugs, working with State security agents, are working around the clock instilling fear into the villagers ahead of visits by the outreach teams.

People are being intimidated by Major Dube and a group of war veterans. They are based at Watsomba business centre where they usually address villagers on a daily basis. The level of intimidation has reached unprecedented levels. The people in Mutasa are wary of these soldiers, said Rutare.

Uniformed soldiers wielding AK 47 assault rifles allegedly addressed the villagers at Manica Bridge last week and advised the villagers to abide by the Zanu (PF) position during the outreach meetings. Tony Saxon

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