ZAPU elders in Europe would like to affirm their recognition and endorsement of Dr. Dumiso Dabengwas leadership in his position as interim ZAPU national chairperson. We would like highlight that the Europe council of elders did not issue any statement packed with allegations and questioning the authenticity of ZAPU national leadership.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the elders committee of ZAPU in Europe is chaired by retired Bulawayo provincial magistrate Mr Johnson Mkandla and not by a Mr Mpofu. The individual who is named as the author of a statement published on the website of the Times (South Africa, timeslive.co.za) is neither a member of our elders committee nor a member of the party. The individual is however known to disrupt any progress in Europe and making absurd allegations and statements in public. While there may be parties where votes of no confidence are raised through the media, we wish to state that ZAPU is not one of such parties and that these statements have no effect. Anyone who thinks that our national chairperson is an agent of ZANU-PF is no different to anyone who thinks that Nelson Mandela was an agent of P.W Bothas National party. Such a persons state of mind must surely be put to serious questioning. It is only commonsensical that if one does not subscribe to the policies and leadership of one political party, they go away and support other political parties where they feel happy and accommodated. Unlike others, we do not have a culture of forcing people for support. Those who do not subscribe to our policies and leadership are free to leave. ZAPU does have a crisis of membership. Our membership has increased in all provinces and as planned our national congress is due this August. ZAPU is now the only opposition party in Zimbabwe whose agenda occupies centre stage. It is our hope that in future, statements written by any disgruntled, disorderly and disillusioned individuals who can basically spell the word ZAPU is not confused with those issued by authentic leadership of ZAPU. Issued by on behalf of Europe Elders Chairperson, Mr Johnson Mkandla. – Zenzo Ncube Secretary for Marketing & Communication ZAPU Europe Province

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