Im here to stay-Zimondi

paradzai_zimondiHARARE -- -Zimbabwe Prison Service (ZPS) boss Paradzai Zimondi (Pictured) has told his subordinates that he will remain in charge of the countrys jails for as long as President Robert Mugabe is in power.

According to prison officers, who did not want to be named for fear of victimisation, Zimondi boasted that those wishing to see him leave the ZPS have to wait a little longer before that can happen.

The ZPS chief is one of the countrys top security commanders, who have vowed not to respect any president who did not participate in the 1970s liberation struggle, in what was seen as a thinly veiled threat to stage a military coup against then opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in the event he defeated Mugabe in elections.

Tsvangirai, who rose from trade union ranks, did not take part in the long struggle that brought Zimbabwes independence from Britain in 1980.

The commissioner opened the meeting by saying that he knew that there were people who leak information to the media and they were free to switch on their recorders so that they would not misquote him, recounted a prisoner officer who attended the address by Zimondi.

He went on to say that he was aware of some element in the organisation who

was saying he was very soon going to leave the organisation. He put the record straight to us that he was going nowhere for as long as Mugabe was the head of state and government, commander in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the President of this country, the officer said.

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