KYA Sands turned into a war zone

old_gogo_condemns_xenophobiaJOHANNESBURG - South African Police Service (SAPS) with helicopters, armoured cars, Dog Section and Horse Mounting Unit this week fought battles with locals unleashing xenophobic violence against foreigners living here. (Pictured: Kya_Sands old gogo condemns xenophobic violence)

Kya Sands is located 30 km north of Johannesburg. Several spaza shops belonging to foreign nationals, mainly Mozambicans, Malawians and Zimbabweans, were looted and destroyed by thugs.

Pregnant women with babies on their backs, school children and some sick people could be seen outside their shacks fearing yet another onslaught.

“We spent the rest of Sunday night sleeping in the open space outside BP Garage. We didn’t have any chance to pick-up blankets, clothes and other personal belongings as we were running for dear life.

“They moved in groups from door-to-door telling foreigners to pack and go, saying the World Cup is over. The asked us what were we waiting,” said Sharon Moenga from Mozambique.

Lizie Baloyi from Giyani in Limpopo province was caught in the crossfire when the assailants mistook her for a foreigner.

“These men are targeting mainly Mozambicans, Malawians and Zimbabweans, but their main problem is that they cannot distinguish the difference between a Shangaan speaking person from Mozambique and the one from Limpopo.

“They destroyed our shacks as well thinking that we are shangaans from Mozambique. We are 100% South Africans, and we don’t really know where do they want us to go?

“If you kick us out of South Africa, where else would you want us to go. What worries me most is that the attackers are Zulu and Xhosa speaking young men claiming that we don’t belong here,” asked Baloyi.

Tsako Felsia of Mozambique had his spaza shop looted of goods worth more than R12, 000, and was clueless as to where would he raise the money to start again.

“They took away everything I had in the shop. All my grocery orders including mealie-meal, cooking oil, sugar, flower, cold drinks, tinned fish, tinned beans, tobacco and airtime from Vodacom, MTN and Cell C have been looted.

“Lucky enough for me, I didn’t bring my wife and two kids from Mozambique, otherwise they could have attacked them. I ran away and left everything behind, and today my shop is empty,” said Felsia.

Gogo Shila Msidi, 5(8) from Limpopo, condemned the attack against foreigners saying it was “inhumane”.

“Sometimes I pray to God to say have mercy on our Rainbow Nation because the devil is at work. How on earth could we rob people of their belongings hiding under the guise of xenophobia? These foreigners are making money because they work so hard.They have never stolen anything away from us, instead they are the ones servicing our communities with these spaza shops,” she fumed.

Police spokesman, Brigadier Mariemuthu, said he was yet to ascertain the number of perpetrators arrested, but described them as people with hidden agenda of “committing crime”. He dismissed any notion that the attacks were xenophobic driven. When asked why only foreigners were targeted, he could not answer and asked CAJ News to phone later.

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