Man hopes to be crowned ‘World’s smallest’

huangA 40-year-old from a village in south west China is hoping to claim the title of world's shortest man.

At just 76cm (just under two foot, six inches) Huang Kaiquan is only 1.4cm higher than previous record holder He Pingping, who died in March aged 21.

Huang, who smokes heavily and is a former magician, is the height and weight of an average three year old.

In Sanjiang village, Huang is known to locals as ‘Short Brother’. He still lives with his mother Cheng.

She said: “He didn’t grow at all one month after birth. We thought it’s just late development and didn’t pay enough attention.

“When Huang was three, he still wore the clothes of a one-year-old. It was then we noticed his unusualness.”

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