MDC-T activists abducted, arrested

mdc_activists_abductedMARONDERA-SVOSVE - MDC-T activists leading the campaign for a people driven constitution in Chief Svosve area were abducted by suspected CIO and CID agents and detained at Marondera police district headquarters last Thursday. (Pictured: - MDC-T activists, Tembo Musimuri,

The three, Themba Masimure, Rhodrick Shamu and Gibson Masimure of village 17 and 18, were detained at Marondera police holding cells facing trumped up charges. They spent four days in custody without blankets and surviving on food from outside, since police no longer provide detainees with food.

Police in connivance with state security agents, are arresting MDC-T activists likely to influence the outcome of the constitution against expectations of Zanu (PF). The activists would be arrested on a Thursday or Friday so that they spend weekends in police holding cells, under inhuman conditions. This would discourage them from participating in MDC politics. Influential activists would be given jail sentences which would condemn them in prison until the constitution making process is over, revealed a senior police officer.

The dilemma of the trio started last week Thursday afternoon at village 17. They were threatened by Zanu (PF) district organizer, Faith Ngoma of village 17, that they would be killed before the constitution making process began. Themba took the threats seriously and made a report at Marondera district police station. Police advised him to go home as they would investigate the case. Before he arrived at the police station, Zanu (PF) legislator Tracy Mutinhiris secretary, Kaserere, had phoned the police instructing them to arrest the three MDC-T activists. After making a report and leaving the station, CIO and CID operatives put Themba under surveillance and followed him. On arrival at Two Boy Shopping Centre, he was forced into a white pick-up truck which had no number plates. Rhodrick was already in the truck which took off at high speed towards Marondera. Suspicious revellers at Two Boy Shops gave chase with their vehicles. On realizing they were being followed, the abductors drove to the police station and surrendered their catch to the police.

The men were detained without food for four days before appearing in court Monday. Allegations preferred against them were that they threatened Zanu (PF) supporters with a fist fight. The three were released on US$20 bail each and will appear in court on August 2.

State security agents and Zanu (PF) officials are harassing people suspected to be championing the campaign for a people driven constitution.

MDC-T Member of Parliament for Marondera Central, Ian Kay, regularly visited detained party activists urging them to stand the political heat.

Do not despair because of political arrests. The cost for democracy could be very high. Remember Zanu (PF) does not harass people who are not agents of democracy. The road to democracy is full of pitfalls and thorns. Be man enough as the tide of political change is irreversible, Kay told the detainees.

Meanwhile, villagers who participated at a constitution outreach meeting at Dhirihori Business Center last Monday, June 28, 2010, complained that the land issue and the institution of the presidency were not among the talking points.

We wanted to make contributions regarding the controversial land issue and regulations which must govern the office of state president. Why were the issues not among the talking points? complained a villager, Masimba Chirenje.

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