NGOs should banned from COPAC – Mahoso

mahosoHARARE - Media hangman and Zanu (PF) media consultant, Tafataona Mahoso (Pictured), has said that the government must stop Non Governmental Organisations from monitoring the on going COPAC outreach programme.

He also said that the government should prevent the NGOs from airing their views which they want to be included in the new supreme law because he believes they are being used to corrupt the constitution making process. Mahosos statement comes after the state controlled Sunday paper reported that NGOs such as the Zimbabwe Peace Project,(ZPP), The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), and the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights where bogus monitors of the process, and the invitation by COPAC to NGOs views in the new constitution.

Speaking on Monday night at a Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Televisions media watch programme, Mahoso said NGOs involvement in the constitutional making process was a recipe for disaster and the government should nip them in the bud. They are extension of governments that called for sanctions against Zimbabwe and they should not be viewed as friends of the country, said Mahoso.

COPAC on Sunday called on NGOs to air their views which they want to be included in the constitution, Mahoso said the COPAC chairpersons should explain to the nation why they have decided to invite the same organizations which do not represent local


Human rights watch dogs have deployed their personnel who are monitoring the COPAC outreach program in order to make checks and balances of the process. Zanu (PF) is not happy with the presence of such organizations, fearing that any irregularity is going to be exposed.

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