Sevenzo making a fresh come-back

kudzai_sevenzoJOHANNESBURG- Zimbabwes multi-talented sensational Kudzai Sevenzo is set to release a 12th track album in the coming months. (Pictured: Kudzai Sevenzo)

Sevenzo said she and her producer Andrew Baird had worked hard in the past months to release the album, which was of an international standard. The album has 12 tracks. We have been working hard with my producer, and we want to give people what they have been longing for. This album is made out of 12 tracks and I want my fans out there to know that this time they will definitely be aware of my potential in this industry.

Sevenzo said the album is like her first. The content is good news. The lyrics touch on social commentary, love songs, giving thanks to God. The album is under world music genre and reaches a wide market, something that everyone can identify with. It is a big step of faith from my last work and I have a feeling, judging from crowd responses when I perform it at various jazz venues in the city that it is going to be very well received.

Born in Harare, Sevenzo said of late she had been working with Pablo. We have been doing live shows together and I feature some of the new material on the show. Kudzais last album sold very well. It went above the 10 000 mark within the first quarter of its release.

She has been in the entertainment industry since she left school. Her first group was a jazz band called Mhepo jazz band.

She said that is when she first fell in love with Jazz music. That is why most of her music was dominated by serious jazz influences and why it was afro-centric.

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