Stop blaming sanctions- war veterans

HARARE - A splinter group of war veterans led by Retired Colonel Basten Beta has demanded Zanu (PF) leaders to stop hiding behind sanctions as the cause of the countrys economic woes and take responsibility for the ruin that has been caused by factionalism, racism, tribalism greed and corruption.

The veterans association, which uses the same name with the main group, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), said in a statement that post war leadership continued to betray the values of the armed struggle. Said the (ZNLWA), “Government, the Reserve Bank and state enterprises are run like private businesses with ministers and the RBZ Governor becoming the richest men in the country.

“The leadership should stop using sanctions as the only cause for the economic collapse. There are other causes which are corruption, failed monetary and fiscal policies and lack of accountability. The war veterans said while a few individuals were enjoying the fruits of the liberation struggle which led to Zimbabwes independence in 1980, most war veterans were living in abject poverty. They said those who had been injured in line of duty had been totally forgotten. “Retired veterans who took part in combat operations remain homeless, sleeping on the streets and in cardboard boxes every night. These veterans are being buried in pauper graves without recognition or honour, they said.

The association also took a swipe at the two factions of war veterans that were led by Jabulani Sibanda and Joseph Chinotimba saying “fake war veterans (who are) protecting corruption and non accountability now also want their term in office uninterrupted.

“The so called war veterans fiasco and division is a deliberate attempt to polarise the nation and so destabilise the country, polarise former ZANLA and ZIPRA fighters to achieve divide and rule policy. Zimbabwe is not at war but is in danger of a complete economic meltdown. What legacy is this leadership going to live behind where the corrupt are untouchable?

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