Tenth Winter Jazz Festival is on

tsepo_tsholaThe Winter Jazz Festival, in its tenth year, is set to be a larger than ever before, what with The Village Pope coming to town, more local artists than ever, and more venues than in the past. And, above all of this, the festival is about to birth its summer sister. (Pictured: Tsepo Tshola ?(Pic: music.org.za).

This years Winter Jazz Festival is set to be bigger than in the past years despite being losing its major sponsor Nestl in the past year. Despite this, the festival has managed to hold its own through the rough patch and as can be seen from their programme, are promising bigger and better things.

The first major highlight this year is Tsepho Tshola, dubbed The Village Pope. He is famous for his album, A New Dawn, and his work with Sankomota. He has vast musical experience and has held his own on the Afro Jazz scene, boasting more than 35 years in the business.

What more, the festival this year has overcome the issue of the overflowing of Jazz 105, the sole venue of the festival in the past, by adding more venues, including the 800-seat 7 Arts Theatre.

This year if you are in Ruwa you can go to the Road House where you can catch some of the festival action. There will also be performances in Chinhoyi at Shankuru Jazz club and of course at Jazz 105.

Festival Director and owner of Jazz 105, Josh Hozheri, speaking to The Zimbo Jam said, the good thing this year is that the festival is coming to you.

The festival has attracted other big names in the past, such as Ringo in 2007 and Kunle Ayo in 2008.

Other artists lined up to perform this year include the group Too Open, Steve Makoni, Svosve & Yafele, Bob Nyabinde, Dumi Ngulube, AY Band & Munya, Willis Wataffi, Victor Kunonga, Dudu Manhenga, Kudzai Sevenzo, Rute Mbangwa, Willom Tight, Mbare Trio, PE Jazz Band, Cool Crooners, Churchill High, Summer Breeze, Jabavu Jazz Band, Tanga wekwa Sando, Raiderz, The other Four, Jazz Invitation, Dino Mudondo and the Highway Drive.

For Hozheri and his team though it wont end there. They are working on a new festival called the Summer International Jazz Festival. Hozheri says that this will be accommodative of larger audiences in one single place since its set to be in summer and in an open space venue.

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