The Daily Agenda 05 July 2010

bulawayo_agendaTsholotsho- Young people in Dlamini Area who have taken the initiative to join in the Creative Arts and Education Development Project are lamenting the cold shoulder they have received from government when they asked for support to better themselves through art.

The director of the project said that the youths and school leavers do not have access to information, a scenario which has made them vulnerable to exploitation by any member of society.

Gwanda-The area has, recently, been hit by deforestation which the forestry commission has attributed to veld fires and agricultural extension leaving the area bare. Deforestation, which is the cutting down of trees, has been severe in the surrounding rural areas which include Ntepe, Mopane and Stanmore among other places. The Gwanda Forestry Commission has been undertaking intense campaigns against deforestation so as to raise awareness to the community members who are part of the people who cause the serious cutting down of trees. The Provincial Forestry Extension Manager, Ndabezinhle Maphosa attributed the problem of deforestation to the opening up of arable land which has resulted in soil erosion. Maphosa said that the commission is embarking on a massive campaign so as to control veld fires which are the most common cause of deforestation.

Upcoming Events:

Bulawayo Agenda has scheduled for meetings as follows:

05 July 2010 Public Meeting Lutumba Beitbridge East

06 July 2010 Leadership Forum Tshafutshe Beitbridge West

13 July 2010 Public Meeting Lupane East (St Pauls)

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