The world’s most expensive vuvuzela

A Russian businessman has paid almost 20,000 to have a 2 plastic Vuvuzela covered in expensive white gold and encrusted with precious stones.

Linz-based jeweller Klemens Pointner who specialises in providing tailor-made items for Russian clients said he met the businessmen at a trade fair in Moscow. “He asked me about the possibility of modifying one of the Vuvuzelas for a football mad business contact and I said it would be possible,” he said.

Pointner refused to reveal his customer’s identity – but said the white gold-clad Vuvuzela also features a one-carat diamond.

“The hardest part actually was getting hold of one as there were very few in Austria and all these had been sold out right at the start. In the end I had one especially imported from South Africa.

“I had to work fast because the Russian businessmen wanted it to be used during the World Cup final which his business partner has got tickets for. I sent it off this week and it should arrive this weekend in plenty of time for the final. “I really enjoyed creating this piece. By the time all the materials plus the shipment costs have been taken into account the price was close to 20,000.”

He added: “It has a really great sound – it reminds me of the sirens they had during the war when you see them on the old films.”

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