US exhibition for local sculptors to promote peace

Several Zimbabwean sculptors will hold a combined exhibition at the United States Mescal Museum of Chicago, next month.

The fete is set to run from August 5 to 24 and features some of the recent contemporary artworks by Zimbabwean artists among them the celebrated Patrick Gutsa and Dickson Matowa. One of the event organisers Chance Mukundwa said the festival will be an opportunity to showcase some hidden talented artists that Zimbabwe has produced over the last three decades.

The African Institute for Peace and Development spokesperson Retlaw Matorwa said the exhibition was part of the organisations efforts to promote arts and culture in the country as main agents of peace and development. “Artists have a role to play in peace and development initiative hence the need to harness their creativity. Part of the work to be exhibited includes Intimacy, a piece by the late Richard Rosani, which talks about the beauty of creation. The torso depicts figures exhibiting romance and love, he said.

The pieces by Matorwa, nicknamed Zimbabwean Piccasso, for the talent and creativity in his work, are about a family in an African traditional setting. Another artist is Patrick Gutsa, who is revered internationally for his Choir master sculpture.

Patrick’s sculpture reveals the secret behind the Gutsa brothers sensation in sculpting The exhibition will coincide with the Black American Arts Festival Week. It is a joint partnership between a local non-governmental-organisation called African Institute for Peace and Development and the Mescal Museum of Chicago.

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