Waste of resources

police__great_zim_universityEDITOR - Is it not ironic that the same police force which has been in the news claiming that it is not going to offer protection during the Constitutional gathering period unless it is paid a staggering ransom, has found resources and manpower to disrupt the annual Anglican pilgrimage?

Mohadi aptly put it when he said he saw no reason why the Gandiya faction should barred because the Kunonga faction had done their own pilgrimage without incident. The spanner becomes Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka then, because the press quotes him going against his superiors comments? Or do we see the politics of Zanu (PF)s often mentioned factionalism rearing their ugly head?

Whatever the causes of this shameful act by our revolutionary police, is it not time someone in Zanu (PF) bring sanity as it does not bode well for Zanu (PF) supporters in Anglican circles. Do we hate everything British that we mistake Bibles in the hands of the Anglican worshippers to be ZIDERA documents and guns? If we hate the British this much how come we still love the Lancaster House Constitution and that left by Smith, who was a Briton?

Members of the Apostolic faiths often fight and no one gives a hoot. What makes the Anglican wrangle to warrant the intervention of the securocrats? Is it the fact that the Anglicans are so organized that they have investments in the money market and property unlike the Madzibabas that it is worth taking their asset? After all the Apostolic faith sects do not have property, apart from their bizarre collections of goblins!

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