Zanu (PF) Launches Propaganda Jingles

webster_shamu2Harare - Information and Publicity Minister and Zanu (PF) political commissar Webster Shamu (pictured) has ordered all Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation four Radio stations Disc Jockeys and the two television channels to play some Zanu (PF) propaganda jingles he produced for at least twice an hour per each DJ's s

The launch of the propaganda jingles is believed to be in preparation for a possible election next year.

A senior radio manager said Shamu last week Friday personally drove to Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporations Pockets Hill head offices and had a meeting with radio DJs whom he handed over each a CD Titled Nyatsoterera(listern carefully) he composed with a group called Mbare Chimurenga choir.

The CD has eight songs, which encourages Zimbabweans to rally behind President Mugabe and denounces MDC-T party.

At the meeting Shamu is said to have told DJs to play each at least two songs per hour during everyones daily shift.

A radio shift is four hours long meaning that the all the eight songs on the CD are played on every shift.

The propaganda jingles have been rocking the countrys airwaves every 30 minutes since weekend.

We have been ordered to comply with what the minister wants otherwise we will lose our jobs. The problem is that there are no other broadcasters in the country otherwise some of us would have

marched out of this situation we are in again. We thought the formation of the inclusive government was going to bring professionalism at ZBC,said the senior radio manager.

A senior DJ stationed at ZBCs Mbare studios said Shamu also visited them last week and gave the same directive to all Radio Zimbabwe( formerly radio 2) and personally distributed the CDs to

each DJ.

He emphasised on the regular play of one song called Ndikusetere team, which says the Zimbabwean team is headed by President Robert Mugabe, followed by Vice Presidents Joice Mujuru and John Nkomo only and no one comes after the three. He said this song get air play than every other song on the eight tracks CD,said the DJ.

Shamu is also the patron of the Zimbabwe Union of Musicians.

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