ZANU-PF thugs occupy Indian owned business in Bulawayo

zanu_youthA group of ZANU-PF affiliated thugs is reported to be illegally occupying a building in Bulawayos Central Business District. Our sources in the area said the building is owned by an Indian businessman who rents out shop space to other businesses, but they have not been able to operate since the occupation. The police have not arrested or even questioned the illegal i

Themba Nyathi in Bulawayo said the building is on 4th Street, opposite the Chicken Inn. Nyathi, who visited the site and witnessed the occupation first hand, said the thugs were definitely ZANU-PF because they were wearing their party regalia.

He added: They are making no secret about it. Even a blind man could see that these guys are ZANU-PF. They are like a law unto themselves because they know no-one is prepared to bring them to book.

This news comes just a day after the national executive bodies of the two MDC formations met with the ZANU-PF politburo in what was described as a historic event aimed at bringing national healing.

The three-hour meeting organized by the National Organ on Healing, Reconciliation and Integration, was convened to ensure that the three political parties adhere to sections of the GPA which urge all parties to shun violence and to promote national healing.

At the meeting delegates agreed that there could be no healing without justice and compensation and that the police must arrest all perpetrators of violence in order to kill the festering culture of impunity that has destabilized peace and compromised security of persons in Zimbabwe.

But ZANU-PF has never respected any agreements made in regard to violence, intimidation and the role of the police. Many reports from the constitutional outreach program have accused the police of allowing intimidation and assaults to take place, in their presence. It appears as long as ZANU-PF controls the organs of security, their actions against the opposition remain immune from prosecution.

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