Breaking the shackles of mental slavery

maya_angelouSo many people may ask you, Who is your hero? but like Maya Angelou says, The needs of a society determines its ethics...the hero is that woman who offered only the crumbs from her countrys table but by ingenuity and courage is able to make herself a Lucullun feast. (Pictured: Maya Angelou

Sistaz Open Mic held on Saturday celebrated the women who over the years had fought for the liberation of women; ordinary women whose contribution to the betterment of humanity were not written in any history books but were manifest in the way women are valued today.

Flame (Female Literary Arts & Music Enterprise) Pamberi Trusts gender project, exists to facilitate the participation of women in the arts providing various platforms of expression through The Book Cafe Gender Forum, Sistaz Open Mic, FLAME Workshops and links with both local and regional festivals. The project encourages the empowerment of women artists to become independent and run their artistic careers as professional businesses.

Despite being a come-hang-out-feel-good-and-forget-your-strife kind of space, Sistaz Open Mic is a developmental platform that nurtures talent across all ages and tries to harness and support artistic expression in its raw form, a platform for emerging women artists to come out to a public stage and do their thing in the safety of daytime.

This month features a long-time supporter of the open mic, percussionist, Rumbidzai Tapfuma who has over the years worked with a number of artists from Sistaz Open Mic. Rumbi is currently studying with the College of Music. She has featured on a number of musical productions including, WoCalling HIFA 2010), theatre production Ebony & Ivory in South Africa and has worked with Drums of Peace and her expertise in playing congas has been featured on a number of albums including Taku Mafikas Dzimwe Nguva and Chiwoniso Maraires Rebel Woman.

Poet, singer, MC, performance coach, dancer and choreographer, Aura Kawanzaruwa featured as the guest poet. Aura returned from SA in 2009 where she was studying film as well as corporate and guerrilla theatre. She travelled across SA on a dance tour making her mark with some of SAs top artists like HHP, Danny K and DJ Cleo.

Aura has been performing her poetry at Sistaz Open Mic since her return. She was chosen to represent Zimbabwe at the Africa Unite Campaign through UNIFEM to perform at a conference in South Africa. A jack of all trades this young enterprising artist is set to go places and FLAME is proud to be working with her.

Diana Samukange also performed. With already two albums to her name, Chitsidzo and Kumagumo Erudo and now fronting a live band Diana is going to another level with her music. – PAMBERI TRUST

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