CHRA statement on International Youth Day

chra_logoCHRAs Youths in Local Governance would like to join the broader progressive youths movement of Zimbabwe in commemorating the International Day of Youths in Zimbabwe and the world over. This day has come in the wake of a political transition in Zimbabwe which is failing to capitulate to the grave concerns of young people nationwide.

The plight of young Zimbabweans has remained unchanged despite the growing changes in the political setup of the country. Youths in local Governance would like to make it clear that as youths in other countries celebrate this day, Zimbabwean youths still have a long way to go in the quest for youths rights in Zimbabwe.

Youths in Local Governance, together with CHRA feel it is imperative to address the following issues which have proved to be retrogressive to young peoples development in Zimbabwe;

Non consultation of youths in regard to the reintroduction of the National Youth Training Program. CHRA would like to reiterate its unwavering position that it will continue to lobby all youths in Local Governance to sabotage the National Youth Service Program as long as it comes in the style designed by the political incumbents without consulting those affected by it. Youths should be on the forefront of deciding their own destiny hence the National Youths Training Program Needs to be suspended until proper consultations are made.

Abuse of young people for purposes of instigating political violence. CHRA has noted with grave concern the continued abuse of young people in unleashing violence that is politically motivated. Youths in Local Governance continue to condemn with the uttermost contempt, the use of youths for violence. Politicians are also being called upon to respect young people as the leaders of today, not tools of violence or cheap labour.

Participation of young people in decision making at local and national level. Youths in local Governance continue to demand space for civic participation in local and National Governance. It is a cause for worry to note that youths have not been fully represented in Government and other structures. It should be acknowledged by those in power that the youth of today is not tomorrows leader but that of today.

Marginalization of Youths with disabilities. Public Infrastructure planning in most urban and rural areas seems not to be cognizant of those with disabilities. Positions of appointment such as appointed Special Interests Councilors do not represent those with disabilities. The former leaves those living with disabilities totally marginalized in governance hence trampling against the tenets of good governance

These and other issues, if not addressed remain detrimental to the development and creation of sustainable opportunities that can change the lives of young people. CHRA therefore calls upon the Government of National Unity to expedite meaningful programs and solutions that can bring change to the plight of youths in Zimbabwe. Youths in Local Governance remain aligned to any process that is done in consultation with youths and not on behalf of youths by those that claim to be acting in the interest of youths.

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