Council threatens stand owners

KADOMA - Owners of undeveloped stands in the city of Kadoma who are holding on to their properties for speculative purposes have been given 30 days by the city council to start effecting meaningful development, or face repossession.

The Town Clerk said last week that the failure to develop both the residential and commercial stands was inhibiting the growth of the city. “All owners of undeveloped stands in Kadoma Urban are being called upon to start effecting meaningful development for the good of this city. Council is extremely disturbed that the land speculation is actually inhibiting the

growth of this city,” said Dondo.

For those who cannot afford to develop the stands the city of Kadoma has offered to buy back the stands at the prevailing council rates. “For those are failing to develop their stands council is prepared to buy back the stands at the current municipal valuation,” said Dondo. Dondo said that the council would take appropriate steps to get permission from the Government to compulsorily acquire the stands.

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