Govt debt in Maphisa

BULAWAYO - A ballooning debt from Government departments is threatening to derail service delivery at Maphisa Growth Point in Kezi, forcing the rural district council to approach the Treasury for a solution.

The Matobo Rural District Council treasurer, George Masuku, said Government departments owed Maphisa about US$100 000. He said the debt had been accumulating since the dollarisation of the economy last year. Masuku said the amount, added to the US$15 000 that is owed by residents, is making it increasingly difficult for the council to meet its workers and other financial obligations.

“At the moment, we are struggling to pay the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) US$7 567, which is for waste disposal licenses. We have no source of revenue to pay,” said Masuku. “The Government debt may seem like a small figure, but if you consider that the growth point has less than 1 000 ratepayers, it is a staggering amount to us.”

Masuku said that the majority of Government departments had not paid a single cent since the adoption of foreign currency in the country. “Those that have paid something have had to go against policy and use money collected for service charges to pay. However, most of them paid paltry amounts of around US$100,”Masuku said. He appealed to the departments and residents to clear their bills before service delivery collapses at the growth point.

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