Mugabe hides behind healing programme

No prosecution of politically motivated crimes
mugabe_splashHARARE - President Robert Mugabe (Pictured) on Monday at the National Heroes Acre in Harare said no one was going to be arrested and punished for committing politically motivated crimes in the past years under the process of nation

Mugabe told thousands of people who thronged the national shrine to commemorate the national heroes day among them Prime minister Morgan Tsvngirai,and his two deputies,Thokozani Khupe and Athur Mutambara and uniformed soldiers that any attempt by government to seek punishment was going poison the spirit of national healing.

“We have embarked in earnest on the process of national healing,reconciliation and integration. For the sake of our children and posterity, I want to urge all of you to note that the process of reconciliation is national. “It does not seek to ferret out supposed criminals for punishment but rather calls on all of us to avoid the deadly snare of political conflict. Guided by the spirit of tolerance, we should continue to work together in promoting peace and stability regardless of political or religious affiliation,”he said

Mugabe’s statement is a direct conflict with the wishes of the people mostly MDC-T supporters who were brutalize by militant sections of his party in June2008 during the run up to the controversial Presidential run-off elections,who want the perpetrators to be arrested. These people are putting pressure on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to push the government to investigate such cases and bring justice.

More than 200 MDC supporters were killed by the military and Mugabe’s militant supporters during the bloody period preceding the bloody presidential June 27, 2008 run off election. Mugabe’s statements is also reflected in the continued refusal by police to prosecute perpetrators of political violence. President Mugabe repeated his last week’s speech at the burial of his sister Sabina at the same place when he accused the European Union of refusing to lift sanctions they in 2002 imposed on his senior party members.

“America and Britain are wrong,and EU should think again.Recently we have sought to re-engage the European Union on the issue of the immediate removal of evil sanctions that are hurting our people. But no sooner had we started the re-engagement than we realized that the EU is far from being sincere as the bloc keeps on shifting goal posts. “The EU and America are keen to have our people continue suffering under the evil sanctions. Let all Zimbabweans unite on this matter and with one voice continue to demand their removal”Mugabe said. The EU said Mugabe should implement the GPA if they were to lift sanctions.

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