The Daily Agenda- Constitutional Update

Matabeleland North:
Outreach meetings in the whole of Lupane were finished yesterday. However, the process in Lupane was marred with confusion and people feel short changed as teams were a no show in other venues.

Community members said that although adverts for the meetings were not done efficiently owing to the few numbers of people that attended the outreach process, the few that attended articulated views that will benefit the province. The teams are headed to Nkayi today.

Matabeleland South

Attendance- In the outreach meeting held in Gulathi Business Centre 137 people attended the meeting, 75 males; 6male youths; 52 Women; 3 girls and 1 female disabled adult. It is said that the community strongly agreed on most of the issues discussed.

War Vets-There was a request to name them pensioners and their benefits should be like any other pensioner in the country. A debate ensued on whether their pension should be inherited. It was agreed that it should not be inherited.

System of Government- It was strongly agreed that devolution of power is the desired system which will see equity in distribution of resources.

The Legislature- Villagers agreed on a bi-cameral parliament which will include the House of Senate.

Land- Gulathi community said that land should be redistributed and given to the natives of each community and they said that there should be an independent Land Commission. One man, one farm should be used when redistributing the land.

Youth- they unanimously agreed that the youth should be between the ages of 18-35. Specific Rights suggested for the youths were educational, employment, and empowerment rights.

The Executive- It was strongly agreed that there should be a president with one deputy from a different tribal region. Community members said that the lifespan of the constitution must be indefinite such that each president sworn in brings her/his constitution.


Mberengwa district was wrapped up yesterday, with the outreach teams heading to Kwekwe central today. Attendance in the Mberengwa district was quite impressive with between 500 to 1000 people attending the outreach meetings. It is said that even though loads of people were attending the meetings only a few were answering the asked questions. It seems as if the large numbers had come in to participate in the voting only. In an area called Mudzidzi, the community said they prefer the unitary system of governance and they unanimously said NO to Dual citizenship.

Bulawayo Agenda is a civil society organisation that conducts advocacy on issues of democracy. It is committed to providing an apolitical platform for people to express their views and debate on matters that affect their lives. It has active chapters in Gweru, Gwanda, Plumtree, Victoria Falls, Matopo, Hwange, Binga, Nkayi, Lupane and Tsholotsho.

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