Xenophobia in Zim Prisons

HARARE - Xenophobia has crossed the Limpopo River and ended up in a Zimbabwean prison, with officers at Harare remand Prison being accused of going on a rampage against foreign nationals.

According to a source who was an inmate at the remand prison, the move had been organized by some senior officers, though junior ranks were the ones on the ground carrying out the real duty. “I was beaten only because I come from Nigeria, I had not done anything wrong, but the officers ordered all the foreign nationals to assemble at an open space in the C-class section of the remand prison and started beating us all over.

“Some used their baton sticks, some used booted feet and some clenched fists. I tell you I have never seen anything of that sort taking place in such a public place by public officers,” said Adugcha Okele of Nigeria. Recently the Minister of Youth and Zanu (PF) hit-man, Savior Kasukuwere, was quoted in the media warning all foreign nationals to vacate the country by the end of June.

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