Journalist banned from taking pictures

photojournalist.1On 13 September 2010, a Business Day journalist, Nickolaus Bauer was threatened with detention for filming non state property during an important gathering between ANC and COSATU bigwigs at Luthuli house, in Johannesburg.

The gathering brought together many heavyweights from the ANC and COSATU to discuss the state of the tripartite alliance. According to Business Day, at approximately 1:30pm, Bauer was filming scenes outside ANC headquarters in Sauer street Johannesburg. He was approached by men in suits and asked to cease immediately as he lacked the proper certification to do so.

“You are not allowed to film these cars and building – move away here,” they said.

When asked for identification, they refused to give their names. As Bauer continued to film away from the original spot he was told to move from, a large motorcade of government vehicles filled Sauer Street. He was immediately pounced on by several men including the original two suited individuals who remain anonymous.

During a quick confrontation, Bauer was forced to delete all of his footage and ushered away from the scene and threatened with detention and confiscation of his goods if he lingered.

At that stage, the reporter deemed it wise to depart the scene as the officials appeared to be on edge.

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