Macheso a musician not saint

macheso_alickWhatever the merits or de-merits of Alick Machesos intention to have Tafadzwa Mapako as his second wife it would appear as if there is a malevolent and good-for-nothing weakling out there that doesnt like him very much. Doubtless the sensation with which the entire matter has been handled smacks of a sinister agenda.

And dont tell me about paranoia because the facts speak for themselves. For starters Macheso is not the first celebrity let alone man to be involved in polygamy. Akon- who is idolised by millions of fans across the world- is not a stranger to the practice. Indeed when he set foot in this country- the fanfare was incredible. It was history in the making. Has anyone any idea how many official women the icon has to his name? Nobody gives a damn. Everybody buys his music. Millions attend his concerts. Life goes on.

Of course these guys are public figures and so their lives are constantly under public scrutiny. The media must do its bit to keep the general public in the know. That is perfectly normal. However, character assassination is another matter. Peddling falsehoods is another matter. Encroaching on the private life of another physical being is a whole different ball game.

And what is particularly telling about the whole Macheso saga is the palpable fact that the peddlers of the story have deliberately and conveniently chosen to focus merely on the imagined bad- completely disregarding the storys manifestly admirable and inspiring lessons.

In circumstances where millions are dying from the dreaded HIV/AIDS pandemic and where the bulk of men nowadays find it onerous to resist the temptation to betray their partners I would have hoped that instead of vilifying noble people like Alick Macheso someone somewhere was inspired. Notes ought to have been taken down.

The man is an honest role model. He is a hero. Even President Robert Mugabe is on record as viciously condemning so-called small houses at a wedding ceremony recently. Small houses are rampant- their effects devastating. They have torn apart the very fabric of our society. These are concrete and real facts. They are not imagined.

Moreover the story is as evil-intentioned as it is inconsistent. It is a bit rich that the very people we see at Machesos shows with different mistresses can have the kind of shamelessness and hypocrisy as seen in this otherwise completely personal matter. And these are the very people that scorn him? The arrogance is mind boggling.

Thank goodness Macheso is a man of his word- kunyarara kunokunda kuhwereketa. Perhaps the best reaction in provocative instances is not to react at all. As his fan, friend and legal advisor I have congratulated him on his decision not to comment and urged him to maintain it.

In the final analysis and for the benefit of his detractors, it ought to be reiterated that Alick Macheso is a vastly talented musician whose music is loved by millions of Zimbabweans across the world and any malicious attempt to denigrate him or his music is bound to hit a dead end.

It is the appeal of his voice not character that has gained him the legions of fans that adore him. Macheso is a celebrated musician not saint.

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