Mayor declares amnesty for council bill defaulters

farai_nyandoroMARONDERA - MDC-T Mayor, councilor Farai Nyandoro (Pictured), will write-off thousands of dollars owed by defaulting rate payers before the end of this year to help struggling residents adjust to the harsh economic environment.

The local authority, led by youthful Nyandoro, has endeared itself to residents through its open-door policy and sympathy for the poor.

As city fathers, we realize that rates weigh heavily on rate payers. Since the country adopted a multi-currency system, residents continued struggling to access foreign currency to meet their daily obligations. Some rate payers owed council more than $800 and there was no way they could clear such huge debts. The position adopted by MDC-T councilors was that debts accrued by residents from March this year dating back to 2008, would be written off. Rate payers would be obliged to clear arrears accrued from March to date. This would be a Christmas gift to our beloved and resilient residents, said Nyandoro.

We are meeting residents at ward level ahead of drafting of the next council budget. Council is answerable to rate payers and we would like to have residents input in how council is run, he added. The MDC-T council amnesty comes at a time when Zanu (PF) officials in the council are suggesting that properties of defaulters should be attached by date collectors. This stand was dismissed by Nyandoro as insensitive and barbaric.

This council, which is predominantly MDC-T, has always directed efforts towards improving the residents. If they implement the proposed bill amnesty, they will go down in history as real democrats championing the cause of struggling masses, said a resident and vegetable vendor, Angela Mahwema (60) of Dombotombo.

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