MDC castigates Copac disorganisation

soldiers_zimIt is common cause that the people of Harare and surrounding towns form the base of the MDC. (The violence surrounding the Constitution meetings wont take the country anywhere, according to the MDC)

The attempt to frustrate the process in these areas is a calculated move to dampen the peoples spirit and to sabotage their will to take part in that important exercise. The MDC wishes to reiterate that nothing shall stop the people of Zimbabwe from writing their own Constitution. What is happening reflect the last kicks of a dying horse. Zimbabwes roadmap to legitimacy is a product of 11 years of unbroken victories in the peoples struggle for a new, post-colonial dispensation designed to see the extension of freedom and democracy in all its facets. It can not be stopped by random acts of hired Zanu (PF) parrots.

What happened in Harare this week calls for revisiting of the process; the MDC wants the confusion to be cleared, the people need to be properly informed of dates, venues, times and what is expected of them; and for the hearings to restart to enable residents to speak out freely on such an important process.

As for Zanu (PF), the people know that the party is shooting itself in the foot through its backward mentality of trying to hoodwink and to drive the people into inertia after realising that it would be impossible to force them to read and play megaphone to their tired script.

The people of Harare and Chitungwiza know that Zanu (PF) wants to remain in the past of being ever in a war mode when progressive parties such as the MDC are working hard to improve the lives of the citizens.

The MDC has consistently stated that the people want a Constitution they own and drive; a lasting legacy to the future a Constitution that reflects the values and the dignity of the nation. The Constitution the MDC envisages should be able to protect the weak and guarantee respect for peoples rights. Zanu (PF) can only delay this process, but can not stop it.

The attitude adopted by Zanu (PF), such as engaging in violence and spending huge sums of money to bus people from the rural areas, as witnessed in Chitungwiza at the weekend, will not take the country anywhere. It shall rebound to haunt that unpopular party. Zimbabweans are aware of the futility of trying out a variety of mind games and inducing fear as psychological weapons. We have been there before and defeated Zanu (PF) all the way.

Copac should come out in the open and correct its bungling of the penultimate stages of the process. The people of Zimbabwe are determined more than ever before to shape their own destiny. Nothing will stop them.

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