Mohadi implicated in copper wire theft

kembo_mohadiCo-Minister for Home Affairs Kembo Mohadi (pictured) has been implicated in a case involving theft of almost one thousand kilometers of copper wire from the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) and from the telephone company Telkom.

A relative of Mohadis, believed to be a nephew named Roy Muleya, is reported to have been at the centre of the wire theft ring.

SW Radio Africa last week received information that Muleya was arrested at the Beitbridge border post last year with a convoy of ten trucks, each loaded with tonnes of stolen copper wire.

Reliable sources said the convoy was headed for Troyeville, Johannesburg, where the wire was eventually sold.?? Despite the evidence in the trucks and Muleyas failure to provide a clear explanation, he was suddenly released by the police in Beitbridge, apparently after interference by Mohadi. The trucks were allowed to cross the border and it is believed that they travelled to their destination in Troyeville.

The theft was so massive that the whole infrastructure of electricity and phone lines south of Masvingo to Beitbridge was affected.

According to sources, lower-level employees at ZESA and Telkom were blamed for the thefts, because it was believed that they were trying to compliment their meager salaries. Specialised tools are also needed to release some of the copper wire, adding to suspicions that insiders were responsible, when all along a top official was making huge profits.

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