Sikhala says no land to mouse trappers

job_sikhalaHARARE Firebrand Zimbabwean politician and former St Marys legislator Job Sikhala (pictured) says a future MDC99-led government will not tolerate firewood gatherers, mouse trappers and hare hunters as farmers and vows that his newly-formed party will not recognise land reforms implemented by President Robert Mugab

Sikhala said in a message posted on his Facebook page last week that if elected to power, his party would work to rejuvenate the commercial farming sector by allocating land to farmers based on capability, not party card-holding or sloganeering.

The MDC 99 led government will not tolerate firewood gatherers, mouse trappers, hare hunters as farmers, Sikhala said.

He said his partys position was that there was never a land reform programme in Zimbabwe.

In other words we don’t recognise what was done by Zanu (PF) for simple reasons. The issue was handled in a partisan manner, the beneficiaries have turned out to be all good in one thing, Zanu (PF) zealotry when the country needs food, the former legislator said.

He added: In our view, they have turned into mouse trappers and firewood gatherers abusing the once vibrant commercial farms.

Thousands of Zanu (PF) supporters allocated plots under Mugabes land reform programme have largely failed to put the pieces of land to good use, forcing southern Africas former breadbasket into a net food importer.

A founding member of the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirais Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Sikhala formed a new political party in May which he named MDC99.

He formed the party after his expulsion from the smaller MDC formation led by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara on charges of gross political indiscipline.

The original MDC split into two factions in 2005 over disagreements over participation in Senate elections.

Since then, the smaller MDC-M faction, to which Sikhala belonged, has been dogged by serious internal power squabbles.

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