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CAPE TOWN - PASSOP encourages Zimbabweans working, studying, or running businesses to take advantage of the South African visas provided by the Zimbabwean Dispensation Project and urges the Zimbabwean government to ensure efficient, affordable and accessible passports to all Zimbabweans living in South Africa

Following the opportunity our monitors had to engage the coordinators of (the Western Cape) Zimbabwean Dispensation Project, who provided reassurance and addressed most of our concerns, we are now positive that the process is currently being implemented in a transparent and honest manner.

We cautiously believe that the system to implement the Zimbabwean Dispensation Project is achievable. We are further encouraged by certain clarities, including:

That the study permit is available to school children who meet the required criteria and are attending any school,

That the staff capacity may be increased depending on the demand for such documents,

That the process is completely voluntary, no asylum seeker will be coerced into applying for such a visa by the department

That it provides opportunities for workers in less-skilled sectors to obtain documents (gardeners, domestic workers, construction workers, farm workers, waitrons, etc.)

That the adjudication process is being done at a central point to curb corruption,

That it provides for small traders who register their businesses or who rent trading space from the municipality,

That the process is free

It appears that the Department of Home Affairs has done much work in training their staff on the process and applicants were informed and assisted tirelessly. We recognize that they have taken on extra staff for the process. The amnesty for Zimbabweans who are in possession of fake South African documents is also welcomed.

We now see the biggest constraint and restriction in the way of Zimbabweans seeking permits in South Africa as the Zimbabwean embassy and eagerly await a clear and transparent announcement of their process of issuing Zimbabwean passports in South Africa. We see the distribution of Zimbabwean passports as a test of Zimbabwes political stability. We view the fee for passports that is speculated to be R750 for Zimbabweans in South Africa as unaffordable to many and hope that survival for Zimbabweans will not come with such a price tag.

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