Tobacco sales a success

tobacco_auction_zimHARARE - Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board chief executive, Dr Andrew Matibiri, declared the 2010 flue-cured tobacco sale which closes tomorrow a success. (Pictured: Tobacco sales floor)

Tobacco is now the best paying crop in the country, with 116 million kg valued at US$341 million having been sold since the floors opened in February. This is one of the most successful selling seasons in a long time, farmers are being encouraged by the crops returns, Matibiri said. The 2010 tobacco marketing season opened on February 16. The early opening of the flue-cured tobacco marketing season was agreed on following recommendations from stakeholders.

Depending on the volume of deliveries, the clean-up sale may be continued for more than one day, until all delivered tobacco has been sold, Matibiri said. He said contract sales would continue because of the significant volumes that were still being received. Tobacco growers have described the 2010 selling season as more fulfilling in terms of prices being offered at the auction floors and improvement in the payment system.

At the beginning of the selling season, prices were ranging from US$3 to US$4,50 per kg while farmers are getting US$2 000 upon a sale with the rest being deposited into the farmers account. However, farmers started complaining of lower prices as the season was coming to an end with prices averaging between US$1,20 and US$2 per kg. Nevertheless production is set to increase next season.

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