Zanu hecklers hijack meeting

CHITUNGWIZA Last Saturday at Seke 5 High School, peoples contribution to the national debate over the constitution was hijacked by Zanu (PF) heckling.

Although party regalia was forbidden, the youths make up for it by heckling people with opposing views. Copac team members had to stand firm after the wayward Zanu (PF) youths started charging towards members of the public who expressed different views from their own.

“A president should serve for life, and land should not be audited, if anyone comes to audit my land then we will start another war. People who say there are no sanctions should be imprisoned for life,” said some of the Zanu (PF) youths who were there. Copac team members threatened to expel the youths for their violent reactions to opposing views.

“If you are here to disrupt the meeting then we are going to eject you. We have not come here to waste time,” a COPAC representative warned one of the youths. Later, trouble started when an MDC activist, Nyasha Chinozvina, said that people must freely participate in political activities and be free from arbitrary arrest and abductions by the police and Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO). Zanu (PF) youth chairmans Nicholas Mashayamombe, reacted to this by grabbing the speaker and a tussle ensued.

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