Zanu thugs assault Zapu member in Bulawayo.

violanceA ZAPU member was on Monday, 13 September 2010 injured by Zanu-PF terrorists in Bulawayo. Our member Edmore Munenekwa was struck on the face with an iron bar when he told Zanu-PF militia members to stop harassing his employers, who are white Zimbabweans.

The Zanu-PF members went to Fisher Motors company premises in Bulawayo in a marked Zanu-PF Youth Affairs vehicle. They declared that they wanted to beat up Mr Gary Fury, the director of the company, whom they accused of refusing to handover the company to Zanu-PF aligned businessmen. Mr Fury was last week arrested by Zanu-PF aligned members of CID Law and Order on accusations that he insulted President Mugabe. The police unsuccessfully tried to influence some of his workers to witness against him, after promising them a stake in the company if Zanu-PF officials managed to get rid of Mr Fury and take it over.

The 15-member gang was in the company on one Griffin Tshuma, a suspended manager of Fisher Motors. When Munenekwa intervened and told them to stop harassing other citizens on the basis of colour, the gang descended on him. They also assaulted his workmate, Mr Rametsi Manzini, and struck him of the ace with a chair and iron bar.

The gang, some of who are known to Munenekwa, declared that they would kill all Zapu members in Bulawayo and that they would not be arrested because Zanu-PF rules.

The two were treated and discharged at UBH yesterday.

The issue was reported to Bulawayo Central Police Station, I.R numbers 6649/10 and 6648/10. Strangely, part of the Zanu-PF gang members milled around corridors at Central Police Station in the company of well-known policed details when the two went to report the matter. Three of the six suspects positively identified by Munenkwa and Manzini were later released on the orders on an Inspector Ncube of CID Law and Order.

Zapu notes with concern Zanu-PFs provocative behaviour and the unconvincing attendance to the matter by the police, and the apparent connection between the Zanu-PF thugs and some members of CID Law and Order. We will in the meantime give the police benefit of the doubt to arrest and charge all the suspects, failure to which Zapu will mobilize our own defense mechanism. It is sad that some Zanu-PF members are still possessed by the Gukurahundi demon, which their own president regrets. Zapu will this time around not allow any political opponent to injure and kill our members like happened before. We appeal to our members to remain calm and let the police do their job. We have registered our misgivings to senior police officers, who assured us that justice would be done.

We also call on the co-ministers of Home Affairs to act swiftly and deal with some wayward police officers in Bulawayo who act and behave as if they are employed by Zanu-PF or part of its structures.

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