Zimbabwe beware. The fix is in.

zimbabwe_map_flagHow does any right thinking person let alone a senior government official publicly proclaim that even if Morgan Tsvangirai were to defeat Mugabe at the next poll he would never rule this country?

What kind of a country are we turning Zimbabwe into? It is an astonishingly reckless thing to say. Quite infuriating too!

Of all the signs and statements of ZANU PFs intransigence in recent years, Didymus Mutasas declaration in Masvingo last week is the most alarming. Doubtless, it is a slap in the face of those committed to reconstructing and democratizing this country.

Blessed are those who preach peace, tolerance, shared-prosperity and democracy. Woe betide those who propagate doom, violence, self-interest and dictatorship. The fiasco in Masvingo was perpetrated by a high profile ZANU PF commissar who is Minister of State for Presidential Affairs yet ZANU PF has not castigated what is clearly indefensible behavior. Has he not shamed their party? Has Zanu-PF become a democratic party that does not believe in democracy? President Robert Mugabe, Mutasas immediate and only superior, has yet to publicly admonish him. If this is not telling then nothing is.

Mutasas statement came a few days after the release of an opinion poll in which Morgan Tsvangirai was tipped to win by a landslide at the next election. Ignore Nathaniel Manherus baseless claim that there was connivance of some sort between Alpha Media Holdings and Tsvangirais MDC. What else would you expect Nathaniel Manheru to say that the poll accurately reflects the opinion of the people? The guy sings Zanu songs at the breakfast table. Perhaps he is not used to the idea that a poll in our country might be fair. Let him condemn the real frauds and fakes.

Apparently Mutasa also dismissed the opinion poll as implausible. Nice going Didi. Perhaps you intend to allow only senior soldiers and war vets to vote in the actual election. If this does not bespeak ZANU PFs underlying unwillingness to accept the peoples desire to freely choose a government of their own then I am not sure anything under the sun does. Let Tsvangirai and other optimists beware. The fix is in.

Mutasa will escape any kind of rebuke from Mugabe or ZANU PF. Indeed he is certain to receive a pat on the back. As far as ZANU PF is concerned he deserves praise rather than censure, honor rather than dishonor. Whatever precedent there is for the matter supports only this supposition and no other. And this is the same party that claims to have the best interests of the people at heart? The party that claims to have fought for the freedom of Zimbabwe and its people? The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Meanwhile, for all his supposed shrewdness Mutasa is not the cleverest guy around. Quick to strike deals and slow to anticipate, he was effortlessly conned into believing that rocks in the Maningwa Hills were an infinite source of diesel! Accordingly, he has earned himself the nickname Diesel.

It is all about power and money for these impostors: they will do anything and everything to maintain the status quo. With ineffectual bodies like SADC on their side, biased or compromised service chiefs on their side, ZANU PF judges on the bench and money in their pockets, running a country could not be any easier!

Make no mistake, when marching to the partys tune Diesel is a particularly nasty bit of work. In 2002 he wanted 6 million of the countrys population dead. We would be better off with only six million people, with our own [ZANU PF] people who supported the liberation struggle. We don’t want all these extra people, he said. In recent years his name has come up in countrywide farm invasions. He is the guy that stood by and watched corruption spiral uncontrollably even as Anti-Corruption Minister in 2004.

He is the same poseur who repeatedly kicked Roy Bennett as he lay on the floor of Parliament after the latter was involved in a fight with then Attorney General Patrick Chinamasa. In 2005, Diesel launched the infamous Operation Murambatsvina- a salvage and unforgivable assault on the impoverished and unprotected later described by UN Special Envoy Anna Tibaijuka as inhuman and inimical to international law. Most recently he ordered villagers in Chipinge to occupy a tea and coffee estate in defiance of a court ruling.

Since the Masvingo debacle he has threatened to beat up a NewsDay journalist for no reason other than that he was asked simply to amplify what he had said there. Of course Diesel does not work in isolation. There are many more like him. That is the reality and it is what Zimbabwe is up against.

Psychology Maziwisa, Union for Sustainable Democracy, [email protected]

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