Cops ordered not to protect MDC

Limbs will be broken, blood shed officers told
zrp_logoMARONDERA - Police have been instructed not to protect MDC victims of political violence, which Zanu (PF) plans to unleash nation-wide on December 4.

Police should not entertain criminal charges brought by MDC supporters victimized by Zanu (PF) or state security agents. No matter how grievously harmed MDC complainants would be, to the police it should not be an issue. No police docket should be opened in this regard. Get this instruction right and disseminate it to junior officers at all stations, Police Officer Commanding Mashonaland East, Senior Assistant Commissioner Ronald Muderedzwa, told officers at a secret meeting held at Karumazondo Lodge last Friday.

Participating officers were told that violence against MDC supporters would start on December 4 and as police should make life difficult for supporters of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirais followers. No sanctuary should be provided to MDC supporters. Puppets limbs would be broken and there will be unprecedented blood shed this time around. If need be, they (MDC) must be turned into perpetrators of violence and dealt with accordingly, said Muderedzwa.

He urged police officers to bring as many dependents as possible to vote at police camps where polling stations would be provided. Assist your spouses and dependents to vote wisely. The ballot would be manipulated through newly devised mechanisms. Our independence was hard won as it came through the barrel of the gun. We must do everything possible to defend our sovereignty. We are geared for victory at whatever cost, he said.

Police officers who attended the meeting-cum-rally said Muderedzwa was visibly not confident of his speech, which was drafted at Police General Headquarters. They said he looked terrified and his eyes did not trust participating officers. Such gatherings are believed to have been organized in all provinces. Officers from across the province holding rank of Inspector and above, converged at Farm Lodge, some 15 kilometers out of Marondera along the Wedza Road, owned by Samuel Karimazondo for the meeting on Thursday and Friday.

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