DSTVs great news

dstvEDITOR Have you heard the great news? DSTV is once again increasing their tariff, so you now have the pleasure of paying more, for channels that you NEVER watch!

But wait, there’s more! You can still watch all the same movies over and over again, even if you have seen them 10 times before. And Zimbabwean subscribers still cannot take part in 99 per cent of all these wonderful competitions because theyre for SA viewers only!

Why the heck do we let ourselves get punished like this?

True, DSTV has certain packages that are cheaper, but only half the channels that you watch are on it. You still get those that you don’t want and “BOO-HOO” if you aren’t satisfied.

Why then don’t they let us choose our own channels and create our own unique packages? Their software already has the capacity to do so, but it has never been implemented – why??

Let us be in charge of that which we want to watch and pay for only that. Should DSTV come up with a new and interesting channel, then let them give us a free one month trial. If we are not interested, then there is no problem. DISGRUNTLED VIEWER, by e-mail

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