Govts responsibility to ancestors

chiadzwaHARARE - People from Chiadzwa who are facing imminent relocation from their homes after the discovery of diamonds have said that they will only leave the graves of their ancestors behind, if the government provides mechanisms to exhume the bodies.

Speaking to The Zimbabwean Chiadzwa Development Fund President, Lovemore Mukwandi, said that the government had a responsibility to compensate the people of Chiadzwa.

For many people Chiadzwa is about diamonds, but for us Chiadzwa is our home. We belong there and need to be compensated. We cannot leave the graves of our forefathers behind, said Mukwandi.

Resettlement in Zimbabwe is often affected by traditional aspects such as gravesites.

We want to move with our ancestors, otherwise who will guide us. This does not mean that we are not prepared to move, we are but we need to be consulted and our customs need to be respected, added Mukwandi.

The Government of Zimbabwe intends to relocate inhabitants of Chiadzwa to ARDA Transau Farm in Odzi, however, the government faces resistance from the 44 families who want compensation.

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