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radioThe GNU must open airwaves so that we can have alternative media. We are tired of ZBCs subjective broadcasting. Independent players must be allowed to invest in the process. Anonymous.

I want to ask: What is the Minister of Environment Francis Nhema doing about the environment issues and climate change? Is he merely banning the use of plastic bags in shops and attending workshops? He should canvas for the corporate sector to start their own environment campaigns. He should outline government policy on the environment and the current destruction of forests by newly resettled farmers. Climate is a real challenge that should be prioritised. J Mugona Marondera.

It is reported that the MDC wants a negotiated settlement on the constitution. I do not think this is a wise idea given that the constitution should be a peoples thing. We need to hear from the MDC if this is a real thing or just lies manufactured by The Herald to please their bosses. Anonymous.

I urge our leaders to listen to the music of Leanard Zhakata, it is laden with a lot of advice for those in leadership. I wonder why they ban him on national radio. Just to quote one of his, makatipa zvizhinji asi nhau yeukuriri… Anonymous.

What is all this silence about the Marange diamonds, what is coming out of it, when do we expect to see the benefits because as of now, there is nothing to show for it. Wasu, Chipinge.

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