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EDITOR - Robert Mugabes scheme to educate and enrich the children of his cabinet members and supporters has been going on for years now.

When Mugabes Fort Hare scholarship scheme was created, its purpose was said to be for uplifting orphans and the poor, but it did not quite work out that way.

Today, dozens of children of living Zanu (PF) sympathisers are the main beneficiaries of Mugabes scholarship scheme. This is of course not a surprise as Mugabe and his comrades believe in empowering the few around them and suppressing the masses. It is the children of Mugabes third chimurenga, farm owners and so-called indigenous businessman who are paraded on TV every year as the less fortunate who have excelled in education and have been graciously chosen by the president to go and study abroad.

The scheme, which also includes other South African universities such as Johannesburg and some universities in China and Malaysia, is a total fraud. Most of the beneficiaries are poor performers whose parents pay ZIMSEC for them to be awarded pass grades. Some are sons and daughters, cousins and nephews of army generals and their lieutenants who do not want to send their children to the local institutions and do not want to part with their US dollars for fees for their childrens foreign education. The money used to fund these individuals, which Mugabe claims is his, comes from the tax payers.

A source who works in the office of the president has a list of current and the next batch of students, and the names of their living mothers and fathers where relevant will soon appear on the internet. Its a shame that this is happening while MDC comfortably shares power with Mugabe. No wonder the county always ends up with leaders like Henrietta Rushwaya and the likes of Leo Mugabe who cheat the system on the way up and continue to cheat the system as leaders. The poor will never rise, but the children of the oppressors will always be put through into the leadership positions, over and over again. TAFADZWA MAGATA, by e-mail

Mugabe just grandstanding

EDITOR – Words being used by Robert Mugabe in reaction to the position taken by the MDC in not recognising the senior government appointments he made recently show a man who has run out of ideas and is desperately clinging to straws.

Mugabe has been acting like a typical village idiot using crude language more suited to a village drunkard than a president.

Mugabe and Zanu (PF)s actions since the MDC categorically stated that they would not recognise people such as provincial governors show that Zanu (PF) is a party on its knees, desperately trying to find ways to rejuvenate its structures.

Mugabes illguarded statements attacking the MDC and its President, Morgan Tsvangirai, show that Mugabe is grandstanding to his supporters. He wants Zanu (PF) to appear like an intact party, but this is no longer the case. Recent examples of liberation war heroes such as Welshman Mabhena refusing to be buried at the National Heroes Acre because it is associated with crooks and thieves, show that people of Zimbabwe no longer want to be associated with Zanu (PF).

In fact the people rejected Zanu (PF) in 2008, but the party is trying to remain relevant through crook and deception.

Mugabe and Zanu (PF) should know that the people of Zimbabwe are no longer interested in Zanu (PF) due to its plunder of natural resources, the murder of innocent people and the total disregard of the rule of law. Time has come for the collapse of Zanu (PF) and, like a dying horse, Zanu (PF) and Mugabe are aimlessly kicking all over hoping that some miracle might happen, but this is no longer the case as the people of Zimbabwe are fed up. AGRIPPA ZVOMUYA, Harare

Who are the robbers?

EDITOR – Some time last month when I was travelling from a nearby country, I was shocked when my goods where snatched away after an alleged failure to pay import duty. I managed to buy the following goods during my tour:

6 pairs of baby shoes (US$2 each)

3 pairs of ladies shoes (US$4 each)

6 pairs of sandals (US$2.50each)

All totalling to an amount equivalent to US$39

Since I had the privilege of a free duty, I declared my goods as required. Unfortunately the male officer at the ZIMRA counter ordered me to pay a duty fee of US$87 which I couldnt afford. Seeking justification, he led me into the hands of the BOSS (short, stout man) who dismissed me upon hearing that I could afford to pay US$5. These men threatened to take all my goods if I failed to obey their obligation. From the way they treated me, it was clear that they wanted a bribe.

Probably the rate used to calculate the duty was according to their manuals. Whatever the case, this is not fair. Revise your manuals ZIMRA PEOPLE. Or else the poor will continue to suffer. Not even importing an aeroplane can attract such rates. Auctioning the goods after 60 days will not recover the amount of duty as well as the storage fees of US$2 per day which I failed to pay. I couldnt report this for fear of victimisation. I think I was robbed. It was a punishment for failing to offer a good bribe or import duty. MATINYANYIRA, Harare

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