MDC-Ts push for power

mdc_symbolHARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC is pushing for power and is putting in place a foolproof system that will ensure he wins an election against President Mugabe, according to political analysts.

Zimbabwe is gridlocked right now because the MDC leader has refused to recognise appointments made by the President without his consent. Tsvangirai has advised relevant authorities that the MDC will no longer recognise provincial governors whose terms were unilaterally extended by Mugabe in July.

Political analysts have said that Tsvangirai has shown political savvy, good judgement and assertive leadership. His MDC is well organised and confident of winning elections expected next year. His presence in the GNU leadership matrix has drawn uncomfortable comparisons with his 86-year-old counterpart.

As Zimbabwe’s economy has accelerated its decline in recent years, so the fortunes of the MDC have risen, culminating in the shock defeat for Mugabe’s party during the historic March 2008 vote.

“Whats significant is that its leaders, including popular party president Morgan Tsvangirai, appear to have the organisational structure and power base inherited from the union movement, to win the next election hands down,” said political commentator Ronald Shumba.

He said the MDC appeared determined and united in seeking to remove a party they see as corrupt and incompetent. In its quest to democratise the country and ensure a level playing field at the next poll, the party has instituted media reforms, human rights and electoral reforms. Tsvangirai told diplomats last week that elections could not be held next year because more security sector and electoral reforms were needed, even though Mugabe also told his party youths last week that elections will be held mid next year. Tsvangirai said the voters register needed to be cleaned and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commision overhauled so that it does not rig elections again. The MDC leader also wants the election held under regional and international supervision.

President Mugabe says he will fight the next presidential elections, and he and his party show no signs of giving way without a fight.

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