Report on Implementation of 24 Agreed GPA Issues

jacob_zuma2Agreement reached and Endorsed in August. Negotiations between the three parties to the GPA [the interparty political agreement commonly known as the Global Political Agreement], facilitated by a team appointed by President Zuma (pictured), reached agreement on 24 issues that had been the subject of disputes and delays i

In early August the three party principal endorsed and formalised the agreement. An implementation matrix was also endorsed and was presented as part of the report to President Zuma, who took it to the SADC Troika and Summit, 15th 17h August. It was approved by the Zimbabwe Cabinet on 24th August. [The matrix was set out in full in Bill Watch 33 of 30th August].

Implementation Matrix: Not Much Movement

The implementation matrix envisaged some issues being tackled immediately; others within a month or two months; and a few continuously or on a periodic basis. >From the time it was approved by Cabinet progress has been disappointing and no official announcements have been made to explain the lack of action. The three party principals have not met for several weeks [the President has been to the United Nations and Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara was in China for some three weeks]. When next the principals meet it is to be hoped that they will do something to get the implementation process moving.

Below we attempt an assessment of progress, if any, on implementation of those issues listed for implementation immediately or within one month, grouping the issues according to time-frame.

Items for Immediate Implementation

Summary: Of the ten items under this head, there has been half-hearted implementation of only one item. The others remain unimplemented.

[Note the numbers follow the numbering of the items in the implementation matrix.]

10. Cabinet and Council of Ministers Rules, Guidelines and Procedures

Cabinet Office to circularise the Rules, Guidelines and Procedures as agreed by the negotiators and endorsed by the leadership of the inclusive government. Not done.

12. Transport Arrangements for Principals

Office of the President and Cabinet, Department of National Security, to rectify administrative arrangements for the Prime Ministers fleet. Not done.

13. Security Aides for the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers

Minister of State for National Security in the Presidents Office to speed up the process of vetting, training and engagement of security personnel for Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers. Not completed.

17. Constitutional Commissions

Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Parliamentary Standing Rules and Orders Committee and the party principals to expedite the regularisation of the Human Rights Commission and ensure the appointment of a new Anti-Corruption Commission. Not done. The Parliamentary Standing Rules and Orders Committee is expected to meet next week; its input is required regarding members of both Commissions.

19. Role and Position of the Permanent Secretary for Media, Information and Publicity who is also the presidential spokesperson

Chairman of the Public Service Commission and Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet to ensure that the Permanent Secretary is apolitical. Not done.

20. Constitutional Amendment No. 19

Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs to arrange that the full text of Constitutional Amendment No. 19 as approved by Parliament should be gazetted and signed. Not done satisfactorily. A revised version of Constitution Amendment No. 19 was gazetted on 3rd September 2010 by direction of the Law Reviser. The revised version still fails to reflect everything that was in the Bill for Constitution Amendment No. 19 which was approved by Parliament. [See Bill Watch 35/2010 of 4th September.]

21. Interference with the Right to Freedom of Association and Assembly

Commissioner-General of Police and co-Ministers of Home Affairs to reaffirm the right to freely organize political activities. Not done

22. Role and Funding of NGOs

Government should determine priority areas for donor assistance. To be implemented by the Cabinet Aid Coordination Committee [CAC] and Cabinet. Not done.

23. MDTF and Selective Funding of Ministries by Donors

Government should improve aid coordination and achieve budget support. To be implemented by the Cabinet Committee on Aid Coordination and Cabinet. Not done.

24. Amendments to the Electoral Act

Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Cabinet and Parliament to act to enable legislation to be completed. The Bill to amend the Electoral Act, although believed to have been finalised, has not yet been sent to the Government Printer for printing prior to its presentation to Parliament. This means that it is unlikely to be presented to Parliament this month Bills have to be printed and gazetted, and cannot ordinarily be introduced until at least two weeks after gazetting.

Items for Implementation in One Month

2. Media Issues

Minister of Media, Information and Publicity, Parliamentary Standing Rules and Orders Committee and the party principals to attend to:

regularisation of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe [BAZ] Board

reappointment of new Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Board.

constituting the Media Trust

Not done. The Parliamentary Standing Rules and Orders Committee is expected to meet next week; its input is required regarding members of the BAZ Board.

3. External Radio Stations

JOMIC and Cabinet Re-engagement Committee to call upon foreign governments hosting, funding and relaying pirate radio stations to stop interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Not done.

7. Land Audit

The Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, the Cabinet Committee on Resettlement and Development [CRD], the Cabinet and the Principals to appoint an inclusive and balanced Land Audit Commission. The Land Audit Commission has not been appointed.

11. Ministerial Mandates: Assignment of Acts

Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet and Secretary in the Prime Ministers Office to meet and submit report on the issue to the Leadership of the Inclusive Government. Not done.

16. National Economic Council (NEC)

Minister of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, Cabinet and Leadership of Government to expedite the establishment of the NEC. NEC has not been established.

The other 7 agreed items in the implementation matrix are for continuous action or for completion within 2 months.

Progress on them will be covered in a later bulletin.

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