Sam Mtukudzi left lots more new music

sam_mtukudzi222HARARE Fans of Sam Mtukudzi can be assured of even lots more new music from the departed younger Mtukudzi. (Pictured: The late Sam Mtukudzi)

Tuku has revealed that his son left several recorded numbers that will be released in addition to Sams other posthumous album Cheziya launched last month. There is a lot of stuff in the studio that Sam didnt include on Cheziya, Tuku said. We will compile the songs and put them on CD. He was also recording some of his shows live at places like The Book Caf, Sports Diner in Harare and so on. I have come across the music and will compile that for another CD.

Cheziya is Sams second album after the debut Rume Rimwe in 2007. Tuku also said a DVD which he recorded with Sam, at 7 Arts Theatre in Harare early this year and carrying the theme Nzou neMhuru, was now in postproduction but would not say when exactly it would be released.

The first time Tuku spoke publicly about Sams last few days, said: The week before Sams death he was busy and didnt have time for anything else. For me I thought he was overdoing things in the studio (during the recording of Cheziya). I didnt want to stop him but wanted to slow him down. He was sleeping in the studio and needed to relax, socialize and come back to the studio refreshed. Its like he knew he was going and wanted to complete the album before passing on, said Tuku on his website.

Tuku said during the whole recording of Cheziya he had stayed away from the studio because he did not want to influence the production in any way and wanted it to bear entirely Sams personal touch, feel and emotion. I didnt want to influence his music and didnt go into the studio with him during his recordings. I would only go in to see if he was doing things the right way in conforming to certain recording standards.

Tuku said he did not stop performing after Sams death because going on stage was necessary therapy for him. I have not stopped going on stage after Sams death because it helps me hold in there. When I am on stage I feel him (Sam) besides me, just the way we played side by side. The track Cheziya and album title itself, Tuku said, was greatly inspired by the senior Mtukudzi and his wife Daisy who always encouraged Sam to sweat it out in daily life.

When he was recording the track Cheziya Sam avoided us (Tuku and Daisy) until he played the song for the first time while we were on tour in Bulawayo and asked me and his mother to listen to it. We were telling him always that we didnt want him to be a lazy boy and he heeded that. We were proud of him and still are. Sam died in March this year in the same accident that killed his childhood friend, workmate and housemate Owen Chimhare in Harare. Both were laid to rest in the capital in graves side by side.

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