UN gives the world its cue

EDITOR - Now that the UN has defiantly stated that it will not disown Zimbabwe's UN ambassador as pleaded by the MDC, it has effectively given the much needed cue to the rest of the countries to act likewise.

SADC, of course, did not need any excuse or encouragement from the UN as it has repeatedly made it clear that it will forever frolic with Zanu (PF) at the expense of Zimbabweans, notwithstanding the magnitude of discredit and disgrace it continues to haul onto itself. The less said about SADC the better, really. One wonders whether the MDC has ever wondered why the slightest error of judgement it makes politically, is heavily pounced on and blown out of proportion to the stratosphere by SADC countries. It gets reprimanded quickly and rebuked strongly and loudly, most often via public media by those same institutions and governments who conveniently keep quiet when Zanu (PF) does worse things so much for selective megaphone diplomacy.

This is undoubtedly so because Zanu (PF) rarely wavers when it commits to embarking on a certain pathway, however evil it might appear in the sight of the progressive world. Its uncanny history of religiously sticking to its guns under the most severe of political pressures has always worked in its favour it has always compelled the rightful MDC into frequently settling unfairly for the shorter straw in any contest.

This is why whenever a logjam exists between the MDC and Zanu (PF), all weakling African institutions together with their shameful heads of state, whose names will be forgotten by history, never waste time in appealing to the MDC to relent. The most depressing and tragic thing we have all endured is the knowledge that the MDC always backs down. Im yet to remember a threat they executed – they never continue long in their resolve. And this is what is making them a lesser partner in a government they could have easily controlled. My hope is to be proven wrong on their latest resolutions on Mugabes unilateral appointments. CHARLES MUNKULI, East London

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